Thursday, October 5, 2006

Dazey's Diaries

The orange stinky brother has been getting into trouble lately. Seems there is a neigborhood kitty that likes to come by just after dark and sit in the yard. Just to make him make his tail all puffy. he's not allowed to do that, the tail puffing. my mom goes and pounds on the door and the other kitty runs off and stink bomb calms down a bit.

The windows are open today! Oh the joy! the bliss! I'v given up the bed the last few nights in order to lounge on the freshly laundered bath rug. It's delightful! This AM, I had to cuddly with mom though. Right on her chest with a paw almost in her mouth. That's the signal for "food please. Im starving to death". I did not get to be 15 pounds by not eating breakfast, mom!

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