Saturday, December 9, 2006

Secret Paws!!

We are so fury xsited! The Mom That Lives Here sent out our Secret Paw gifts today! All 3 of them! We hope we make new friends and that they like their prezzies!!

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Anonymous said...

i got my secret paws package from jesse and it is wonderful! my grandma had just told mommy we needed to bring our stockings to their house for christmas and mommy had said that she didn't unpack that box. now i have my very own stocking and i don't have to use a smelly old sock like my brother! Mmommy put away most of the toys for later, but she let me have some nip and let me play with two toys, and i even shared with my brother, cause he hasn't got his package yet. thank you so very much!

bandit (whose blogger account doesn't seem to work with beta)