Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Snowy Sunday in Iowah

When they opened the door to go outside

Hello to all our innernets friends! It did that crazy thing called snow again. That's where the rain turns white and falls on the ground and doesn't go anywheres. It started about 9 pm CST last night. It didn't stop until about 11AM CST today!!! There is a lot of it out there! The MTLH says there is AT LEAST 6 inches out there. Maybe more!! The current temp is 27* F at 1:25 PM CST.

Here are some pictures that the MTV took while the MTLH had to go buy baby formula. (Good thing she didn't forget to buy crunchies!)

This is the MTV's car at about 10 pm last night.

This is the view out our squirrel watching window.

Our backyard

This is the view when she opened the garage door!

2 hi-fives:

Derby said...

You got lots more snow that we have. Maybe 4 inches, but it is still snowing furry lightly.

Mum says the snow is good for the ground. It makes the plants grow better come spring.

Dragonheart said...

Wow, that's a lot of white stuff! I still haven't seen any snow, except in pictures, although my mom says Munich is supposed to get the first snow of the winter today! I'm excited to see it. Mom isn't too happy about it though.