Friday, January 12, 2007


Dazey gotted in trouble this morning with the Mom that Lives Here (MTLH). Dazey thought she was STARVING TO DEATH at 3:30 this morning so she pounced up on the bed. Then pounced the Mom that Lives Here. She got put not ever so gently on the floor. Then the MTLH went to check on the 2-legged kitten and Dazey thought she was getting up to feed her so she raced down the stairs. But, MTLH went back to bed. In total, Dazey game in 4 times this morning and didn't get fed until MTLH and 2-legged kitten got up at 7:00. She even tried the paw on the mouth trick. Another visit to the floor!

-reported by Jesse

In other news, they are predicting a big storm for IOWAH this weekend. We hopes we gots enough crunchies to last!! Some people are saying 8-12 inches of the cold white stuff. That can't be good. Hey Mom.......

2 hi-fives:

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Poor Dazey! I mean, how would MTLH have felt had Dazey wasted away in those extra hours? It could happen!


Daisy said...

Dazey, you are a silly girl! I am proud of you for being so persistent.