Friday, February 9, 2007

Conner gots a Valentine!

I gots a Valentine!! Snowy, from Katnippia is going to be my Valentine!! I stoled her picture from Catster (I hope you don't mind, Snowy!) Isn't she purrtee?!

We got lots in common: we is both 4 years old and we don't like to be picked up.
Snowy says "taking nappies anywhere it is comfy, and laying in the sun. I loves playing with micerz, and getting some nip(hehe),and temptations" That sounds EXACTLY like me!!

2 hi-fives:

katnippia said...

Hi sweet Conner. I was hoping youz found my comment.I don't mind that you gots my pic-fer from my catster page, hehe. Purrs, and headrubbs- Snowy

Daisy said...

YAY for Conner and Snowy!