Thursday, March 1, 2007

It's starting (See updates)

Here is the latest radar. The MTLH just got back from food getting and it is really coming down now! It's not rain or snow but little pellet like things. Weather beans are saying 2-3" of snow AN HOUR!
MTLH got us some tem-tay-sons at the food place! YAY!!!

**Note to Junior: Your box will be going out on Saturday! Our Mommy arranged for it to be picked up!!!***

UPDATE: 5 minutes after we posted this, it started SNOWING. A LOT. It's coming down very fast. Our innernets is acting funny so we hope it's not going to go too!

UPDATE 2: It's snowing again. At least 2" so far.The wind is really windy. They has closed a lot of the interstates in IOWAH.(4:50 PM)

2 hi-fives:

Junior said...

That's okay! Stay safe! It has been snowing here too!!!

Derby said...

Stay safe guys. We had lots of snow at one time this morning. Mum was about ready to leave for work and it just started snowing like crazy. About 2 inches in an hour. But since it snowed when it did, mum stayed home from work (yay). She said she couldn't have gotten to work fast enough to make all of her conference calls. Easier to do from home.

But is is warmer now, some rain but not much.