Saturday, June 9, 2007

Suggestions on Saturday

Riley and Tiki asked about what the new nice V-E-T said about Jesse pooping on the floor. So, we thought we would share.

  • One litterbox per kitty, plus one extra (we gots that now!)
  • Try different depths of kitty litter. We have one now that is deep deep deep! We could almost dig to Irak to see the Man in Green if we wanted! MOL One just has a couple inches of litter in it. The other two are about medium filled.
  • Two of our boxes can have covers on. Previously, neither had the lid on. Mom put the lid on one of them. So, we have 3 uncovered boxes and one covered box.
  • This wasn't a vet suggestion and it sounds silly.......we have a nightlight down in the basement near the litter box. Our Mom that Lives Here thought that maybe the dark was scaring Jesse and that's why she did her business on the floor.
  • One box is away from the others. It's on the other side of the staircase.
  • none are near the washy machine or clothes drying thing. Or the heat maker.
  • They are no where near our food and water (that is all up in the kitchen).
  • The Mom that Lives Here is trying to make more of an effort to scoop every day. (before, it was more like every other or every 2 days).
  • The most important advice the nice Dr. T gave us: Be patient and keep experimenting until you find what works. She said it's likely that Jesse can't adapt/handle change so things need to be kept the same all the time for her. Otherwise, it stresses her out.

Hope this helps!

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Riley & Tiki said...

We will definitely try those suggestions. Thanks!

Daisy said...

Good idears! We have two litterboxes for the two of us. And my Mommie scoops whenever there is a poopie in the box. Even if it is not a stinky one.

Henry Helton said...

My Lady brought me home so young that she had to teach me what a litter box was. I had no idea and liked to go behind the TV instead. Hehe, still makes me laugh. I hope when I move in with my stepbrother, My Lady doesn't make me share a litterbox. I'll give her some trouble if she does. Thanks for coming to see me at my blog, come again and again and again and again.

DaisyMae Maus said...

It's good to have lots of litter. Mom likes to buy the sand at Target that comes in the white jug. It doesn't have a scent and it's nice on the paws. We like it deep so that we can bury stuff quickly.

I have a contest! Stop by and make a guess!

Parker said...

All good suggestions!

The Furry Kids said...

IT sounds like your MTLH is doing lots of stuff to make Jesse more comfy. Wouldn't it just be easier if Moms could understand us when we talk to them? Life would be lots easier. I wonder how we can teach them to speak kitty?


Skeeter & LC said...

We have 3 litterboxes for us 2 kitties. When Skeeter was havin some problems with them all bein in the basement, The Big Thing brought one upstairs an put it on a big plastic chair mat. He hasn’t had any problems since then (well, one mistake too close to the side). An since Skeeter’s upstairs box is in the computer room, it gets cleaned a lot. That helps him, too. I try not to use his upstairs one. It jus takes some ‘sperimentin to keep everyone happy…