Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanks to Veterans

THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS. Your service means the world to us. THANK YOU!

We posted originally yesterday with the intention of not blogging today. So, we changed the date to today and decided to post Zoolatry's awesome graphic they made for us when our Man in Green came home.

5 hi-fives:

Gemini said...

That is an awesome graphic! YEAH Zoolatry!

YEAH! veterans!

Henry Helton said...

Hey guess what? I got a sister!

Lux said...

Wow, that *is one fastastic image - love it!

Eric and Flynn said...

That is a grate graffik furrom Zoolatry.

The M's said...

Great Photo.
Could you have your Mom email our Mom, it is really important. Our addy is