Saturday, January 12, 2008

a baby shower!

YAY! After a long time of planning, today is the day for Kimo and Sabi and their families baby shower!! We're not sure what a baby shower is, but it must be fun!
Sadly, we can't be there cuz our beans are going to a birfday party for mom's friends little bean. Just know that we are thinking about you and SO HAPPY that your family got a baby blurpy girl! Keira is BEEYOUTEEFULL!!

3 hi-fives:

Eric and Flynn said...

We haf never been to a baby shower. Duz it mean that babies will fall on our heads? Will we get wet? We're going to try and get there and find out.

Karen Jo said...

The baby shower was a lot of fun. I was sorry I had to leave early. I'm sorry you couldn't make it. Jesse, I'm glad you like your limerick.

Tyler said...

We saw your sweet presents for the blurpy girl.

While here, we just read Conner Cloud's gotcha story. Good for you Mom for saving the little guy. We can understand why Conner wasn't excited to be reunited with his first dad. We would have left a gift for him on his shoes.