Monday, January 21, 2008

more winter

We've been MIA almost a week. Darn beans! The Little Monkey was sick but he's better now. Then mom kinda got sick, but she's better now. Then her and the Man in Green went to some Marriage thing on Friday night and Saturday morning. They left the Little Monkey with a babysitter bean. Then, Saturday night, mom and the MIG went to a basketball game and left the Little Monkey home with a friend. Mom said it was to cold for him to go out, cuz of his breathing.

We got the snow last Wednesday/Thursday. About 6 inches. Then it got COLD. We've all been cuddling in the bean bed at night.

You'll never guess what it's doing now? Ya, snow. ALL DAY. Mom says there is probably 6" or so out there. She'll charge the camera batteries and take pictures to post, hopefully for Wednesday

We were so saddened to hear about Caesar's passing this weekend. It's been a tough month in the Cat Blogosphere for sure.

4 hi-fives:

The Crew said...

We're hibernating too. No birdies or squirrels to watch, so the best thing to do is nap.

Derby said...

Snow here too. Nearly 10 inches!

Samantha & Tigger said...

Burrrrrr! No snow here, but we are sleeping and just taking it easy, too. Hey, Conner Cloud, I added you to the M-Cats Club list. Thanks for joining! When you wake up from your nap come on over for some food ad drink!

mrtigger9 said...

Hey that was me, I commented in the wrong Blog.
Mr. Tigger