Tuesday, January 13, 2009

blizzard take 2

guess what? more snow. Yup.

The college cancelled classes at noon on MOnday (the first day of class). Mom only had 1 class that day and was supposed to have a night class. That was cancelled so she stayed home with us last night.

With this new snow (3-5"), that'll bring us to like 12-15" inches in 4 days.

The weather is sposed to get bitterly cold. Like -15* temps, with -20+ windchills. Mom sorta hopes class gets cancelled tomorrow so she doesn't have to take the little monkey out in it. (he goes to something called a day care for when mom is in class). At this rate, we're keeping all our paws crossed for spring to come really early. And soon! Please!

we're pretty tired of the snow

Mom is helping us blog from the new mac tonight. It's pretty sweet that we can sit on the couch and blog and watch tv and get scritches. Oh, the life!

We'll be thinking warm thoughts, snuggling and cuddling. 

You all stay warm (or cool, all you cats in Catafornia!).

2 hi-fives:

J said...

Not much snow, the storms keep missing us for a change. But it will be cold, so have to snuggle with mum to help keep warm.

Derby said...

Duh, mum had to sign me in!!!! Silly mum.