Monday, November 27, 2006

THE HORROR! (from Conner)

OH THE HORROR! I'm still nervous and scared about what happened! Since I'm only 4, im not good at telling time so i don't know how long it was! i was crying and pounding on the door to get in yesterday. i heard the mom that lives here calling for me and i was trying to come. Really i was! She musta not known that she locked me out on the front porch. It may have been saterday or sonday. i don't know cuz i can't tell time. it was cold out there! I was so hungry. i forgived her quicklee tho cuz i wnated pets and loves. I got lovies from the 2 legged kitten and mom. the 2 legged kitten pulled myears but i just walked a way . I'm a good boy to do that, don't you thinK?

I've been extra caw-sush today so i don't get locked anywhere.

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Derby said...

Hi Derby here. We met on Catster, I didn't know you had a blog too. So do I. Mum if from Iowa, not far away from where you are. She lived north of Boone. And when she wented to visit Iowa last month, they wented through Ames too.