Sunday, November 26, 2006

Busy Busy!

The mom that lives here has been busy the last 3 days. On Thanxgiving day, she went to her mom and dad's and took the 2 legged kitten with. Then they went to the man in green's family. We were out of food! The Horror!! We bout starved to death! Then she woulda been sad she left us and didn't bring us any turkey! But, DaisyMae Maus teleported and brought us some! YUM! THANKS DaisyMae!

Then on Friday they came home but left again to do something called "shopping". Whatever it is, we didn't get anything! Saturday they were gone again. They went to visit another family who has a man in green with our man in green in Irak. The 2 legged kitten is pretty noisy today. Hard for a kitty to get a nap in with all the fussin'!
Mom did get our cat boxes cleaned though! Thanx Mom!

(She says she's gonna get the Tree up soon. YAH! We like to play with the dangly things on there!)

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