Saturday, November 18, 2006

Winter's Coming

It's been cold and windy here lately. We miss the outside despretley. (That's a big word and none of us are good spellers!) We like spring and summer cuz that's when we get to go out in the backyard to chase bugs, eat grass and just feel like big tough outside cats. Winter is coming our mom that lives here says. She's not happy about that, either are we.

We've all been entered into Skeezix's Tale of Devotion Contest. You have to register to vote by entering a valid email address. Then you get an email, click the link and you can vote for any of us!! We'll have the mom that lives here post our stories for you to read.

We've been making sure that the mom that lives here gets plenty of cuddles. We all sleep with her at night, although Dazey goes and sleeps on the bathroom rug, in front of the heater hole sometimes.

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