Monday, December 25, 2006

FLOTY Nomination

Our Grate frend Skeezix hosted a contest about the Food Dude/Lady of the Year.

We all entered. Here is Conner Cloud's entry:

To The Mom That Visits
I am nominating The Mom that Visits for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.My name is Conner Mcelod (Conner Cloud for short)I luv the Mom That Visits VERY MUCH.She's been coming round to our house since i ben living here 4 yers now. She lived here for a little while. I 'dopted her and she 'dopted me. I sleeped in her bed, cuddled on her pillow even though she says she's something called "lergic". I only 4-I not sure what that means. But she loves me. Even tho I am smelly sometimes.2 yers ago, she went away to something called Basik Training. I was very lonely for her. I sleeped in her bed without her. I was very sad. She wrote me letters. I wrote her letters too and sent her this picture:
(That's me!)

It maded her i's leek when she sawd it. Even tho she don't live here no more, she buys me things. Like nifty neat collars and helps pay my cat doctor bills. That is fury nice of her I think. AND THE BEST PART!! SHe is going to get my MY VERY OWN GOLDFISHIE from Santy Claws!! I so fury excited.
She staid here the last 5 nites cuz her teeth hurted her real bad. Something called WIzdom tooths. I hope she's still smart! Anyway, I sleeped with her at night and it was just like old times again!Hugs to My Mom That Visits!!

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Daisy said...

Wow, your very own goldfishie, what a great prezent! That is a very nice letter you writed.