Monday, December 25, 2006

To the Man in Green (Dazey's entry)

To The Man in Green (my daddy!)

I am nominating THE MAN IN GREEN! for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name is Dazey May.

I am nominating the MAN IN GREEN for Food Dude of the Year.

Unfortantley, he been gone the last 8 months to somewheres called Irak. That makes me sad. BUT!My Man in Green let me come live here with The Mom That Lives Here. See, I and Jesse belonged to her befores she meeted him. Long story short: She had to move out of one apartment to another and couldn't take me and Jesse with her so we stayed at the other place with someone else. She camed to visit us and play with us and feed us. When her and the Man in Green gotted this house 4 1/2 years ago, The Mom That Lives Here had to practically BEG on her knees for us to come and live here. He said he didn't like kitties! Who couldn't not like kitties!?! He finally agreed if The Mom That Lives Here Promised to do everything: Feed us, scoop the poo, etc. Of course she said yes!Little did heknow that he was gonna falls in luv wif me!! HEHEHE. He gives the bestest head scratches and he would feed us in the mornings when The Mom that Lives Here was to lazy too (Sorry mom!). He would always let me sleep wif him and when I put my paw on his mouf to tell him I's hungree for brekfest, he would come right down! And he din't get mad cuz of where my paw had been! (Well not usually!). He would let me sit on his lap to watch the teevee too.I miss my Man in Green a bunch but I'm saving up my luvs for him when he comes home!This is me, trying to convince The Mom That Lives Here to send me to Irak to see The Man in Green!

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Daisy said...

Oh, your man in green sounds very, very special!