Monday, December 25, 2006

Jesse's FLOTY Nomination

am nominating the Mom that Lives Here for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.
My name is Jesse

I am nominating The Mom that Lives Here for FLOTY. She is my momma and I luvs her!
Here are my "Monday 13" reasons why.
1. She feeds me. I like Purina Indoor Kitty Formula. It tastes good. She always makes sure there is some in the bowl. Even if it's not time to eat!
2. She chose me! When me and Dazey were borned, she wuz only going to take Dazey. Then she looked at me and decided I needed to come live wif her and Dazey. I'm so glad she did!
3. She let us join Friends of Skeezix on Catster. He's a great friend!
4. She let us get our own blog! It's called Cyclone Cats, on account we live near Iowa State University.
5. She lets me go outside! On my leash of course!

6. She cleans up my cat yak when I eats my breakfast to fast. And she hardly never complains!
7. She lets me sleep in the bathroom closet where she keeps her clean towels. This is the only place where Conner can't get me and she respects my need to get away from him.
8. She brushes me! I loves to be brushed! We sits on the couch and she brushes and brushes and brushes! It makes me purrrrrr.
9.She recognizes my Princess Status. Took her a while but she finally agreed that I'm a princess and should be referred to as "Princess Jesse" or "Pretty Princess".
10. She helped Dazey, Conner, the 2 legged kitten and me sponsor Judah from Best Friends for Christmas.
11. She lets me sleep on top of the computer monitor any old time I wanna.
12. She opens windows for me when it's nice outside.
13. The very last reason that my Mom that Lives Here should be Food Lady of the Year: SHE LOVES ME! VERY MUCH!

2 hi-fives:

Daisy said...

Those are some very good reasons! Also, I love your leash.

Skeeter & LC said...

On Christmas Day, we had little bowls of real chicken, ham, and tuna!

An we gots treats later in the day.

An The Big Thing is making us a kitty tower!

An he walked around outside with us for a nap-time today.

You have a great Big Thing, but we like ours. :)