Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Here it is, Thursday again! We need to get the Mom that Lives Here on the ball to get these posts up sooner! The day is about gone! Drumroll it is, our "Thursday Thirteen"

13 things about winter in IOWAH
(there is some good things and bad things)
  1. We can't go outside. It's to cold, so sayz the Mom that Lives Here. She goes out, why can't we?
  2. Can't open the windows in the winter. Refer to #1.
  3. The Mom that Lives Here doesn't bring in any pretty flowers for us to
  4. Sometimes it does this thing called "snow". It's cold and white and falls from the sky. When it comes in the house, it makes our paws all wet and cold. Although, we haven't had any yet!
  5. We don't get ice cubes in our water dish.
  6. There are no birdies to watch and envision as our lunch out the windows.
  7. It's to cold to lay on the kitchen floor.
  8. Mom has a heated blanket that makes the bed toasty warm!
  9. We don't get baths!!!!
  10. We can lay in front of the heaty vents to stay warm!
  11. We gets to cuddle with the Mom that Lives Here more!
  12. Catmas!
  13. It's closer to the time the Man in Green comes home from Irak!

4 hi-fives:

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Brrrr, Iowa sounds very cold.

Did you enter the info for the Thursday Thirteen into the boxes?

You have to enter this stuff yourself. Just enter a name (like the blog name) and then enter the blog address.

You want to get this posted... its very interesting... KC or I will be happy to help you.

And whose tail is that for Wordless Wednesday?

Daisy said...

A heated blankie? I would love that!

Lux said...

Don't think I missed that slip-up in #3. (Because I'd be guilty of the same thing.)

Kimo & Sabi said...

The heaty vents are the bestest! WE hopes your man in green gets to come home soon!