Sunday, January 28, 2007

Super Cold Sunday

It's pretty cold outside our windows today. The sun is shining but mom says that is deceiving. It's currently only 9* outside! It's supposed to stay cold outside the next few days. In fact, the crazy weather man is saying that tomorrow night the wind chill will be -10* F or more! That makes for cold poodins!

The MTLH hasn't leeved the house today. Her and the 2-legged kitten stayed home from church so the kitten doesn't get sick again. So she been busy with the stuff-sucking machine. It scares not only us, but the 2-legged kitten too! He screams when it makes its noise! We just runs and hides under the bed. He can't run yet so he has to stay there!

The MTLH spoke to the Man in Green today on the telephone. It's 55* there today, which would feel great! Almost warm enough for open windows!

Keep thinking warm thoughts and hopefully, spring will show up soon!

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Skeeter & LC said...

LC: It was warm enough for me to go out. I hide unner a bush cause it was driping wet stuff. But that is better than when it got too cold a few lights ago. I don't mind the dripping water and I don't mind the puffy cold water, but it gets too cold sometimes even for me.

But The Big Thing set up a big wide board on te deck, and I can hide unner it when water falls. I like being out in that!

LOL! I know te sucky machine, too. Skeeter runs unner the bed. I just watch it carefully from another room. I like to know what it is going to do.

I feel sorry for the 2 leggy kitten, though. Some Big Thing ought to help him move to a safey place before they do noisy things! I mean, even our Big Thing warns Skeeter to move unner the bed before he uses noisey things of many kinds.

Daisy said...

Brrrrrr! That is very, very cold. I hide from the stuff-sucking machine too. I am sending warm thoughts to you in Cyclone Country!

Derby said...

Stay warm. It is cold here too, but not as cold as you guys.

Forty Paws said...

Brrrrr. Dat ist too cold. Maw lived in Omahaw fur a long time and she sez she knows wat cold is frum der.
So if Conner still puts the bitey on, duz dat mean Reno gonna keep puttin the bitey on? He'll be 4 in May!

Luf, Us

Kimo & Sabi said...

Brrr - better bundle and snuggle up!

Dragonheart said...

That sounds cold! Make sure you cuddle with each other to stay warm.

Good to hear that your MTLH was able to speak to the Man in Green. He continues to be in our prayers along with all the other people who are deployed.

Hot(M)BC said...

Brr that sounds furry cold. Staying inside sounds smart.
Don't feel bad about playin wif mousies. They're fun. I just hadta be a hunter when I lived outside cuz sometimes mousies and birdies were all me and Gree had to eat until Grandma and Mom started feeding us. Our old beans weren't nearly as nice as Grandma and Mom.
Your bud Pepi

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I really don't love the cold, it makes me want to snuggle and I HATE to snuggle. But...when you're cold, you have to stay warm. That sucky monster thing is the WORST!!!!