Saturday, February 3, 2007

Aunt Kat is OK!

First, thank you very much for all your headbutts, purrs and prurryers for our deer (haha get it? Dear=deer!) Aunt Kat. She is doing very well today. She is pretty stiff but we is so happy that she was not more seriously injured.
We gots the MTLH's other macheen out of the storage and she will drive that until her macheen gets fixed. She taked some pictures of the damage and you can see the VISHUS DEER FUR!!! It was fury fury scary!We'll have her and the MTLH put them up on the blog here next week (She has to play Air Force person this weekend so we has to wait_.

It's still really cold here. They say it is the coldest it has been in over 2 years!! It's -8* F right now but with the wind chill feels like -17*! The weather beans say -25* Windchills tomorrow! The MTLH and the 2-legged kitten are staying home again. That means more snuggle time!

5 hi-fives:

Lux said...

I'm glad your Aunt Kat is doing better!

Ooh, and that sounds way too cold - everyone stay inside underneath blankets!

Daisy said...

Thanks goodness the MTV is doing better! I am very relieved. I think you should be very careful around the vishus deer fur. If even a dead vishus deer head is dangerous, who knows what the fur could do?

DEBRA said...

Dat wuz gud noos bout yur Aunt Kat.

Stay inside and keeps warm...brrrr it am gonna be furry cold!


Forty Paws said...

Weze glad yur MTV is gonna be okey dokey. Yep!
Heerin bout da cold makes Maw shiver frum wens she liffed in Omahaw. She sed it wood git furry furry cold der.
Luf, Us

Carol said...

Hey, came to your blog for the first time n hope that your Aunt Kat is doing more better now.

take care