Monday, February 5, 2007

Aunt kat's Tale of the VISHUS DEER

*THis is what our Aunt Kat wrote in her blog about her encnounter with the Vishus Deer. Pictures to come, prolly later this week!*

Once Upon a Deer
The tail (tale) begins as I (the Heroine) was driving my chariot home from work one enchanted evening. I was just about there when out on the side of the mystical highway I see a small doe...we'll name her Bambi. So as I went to put my foot on the brake I look back in my lane to see a large doe, a deer, a female deer, ...we'll call her Goliath. As these wonderous tails (tales) go, the heroine of the story does not go unscathed. I hit Goliath....and I don't just mean, kind of. I got that sucker good. Goliath did barely any damage to the actual body of said chariot. Through the windshield our dear Goliath came. So not only does the Heroine of the story now have a large hole in her windshield, but no driver side mirror. After Prince Charming arrived, he took a gander of the chariot to notice that the chariot is still operable but will need some repairs. The Man of Protection (*snickers*) comes along to give the accident report and assess the damage to the chariot. He gives us the report and is off to find Goliath to make sure she's not in any pain. As I get into the bigger chariot to go home I say to myself, "Worry not Man of Protection, the Heroine is ok thank you for asking"
The overall damage to the chariot is as follows: Large hole the size of Goliath's head in the windshield, no driver side mirror, 2 hoof scratches on the fender, a crack in the fender, and a broken license plate holder.
Thank you for listening kids. I hope you enjoyed the tail of Bambi...Once Upon a Deer!

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Daisy said...

WOW! That is an amazing and scary story. Aunt Kat is lucky that she did not get very badly hurted. I never knew a vishus deer would try to get inside your car to get at you! They will try anything!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

wuz the Vishus Deer targeting her on account of her name's KAT? our Lady started giggling at the "large doe, a deer, a female deer". we're furry glad yur Aunt Kat is okay. that must be way scary!

Forty Paws said...

Tee hee, owr Maw giggled at the "doe, a deer, a female deer" part too. Tee hee.

Dat is wun impressive story!!

Maw haz a furriend in Louisville, NE who had an encounter furry similar to Aunt Kat's 'ceptin da Vishus Deer went SPLAT thru da windshield, and Maw's friend was covered in all dat little broken, blue windshield glass and Vishus Deer FUR!!! She sed she wuz spittin it out all day long!! And da silly Man of Protection wouldn't even give her a ride and she had a Vishus Deer stuck in her winder!!!! Oh, it wuz deader den a dead deer.

Wow, Glad we dunt live in IA or NE!

Luf, Us