Friday, August 22, 2008

the rumors were true!

it was true! The PTU's came out, we were stuffed in them and put in the big machine! Oh, it was horrible.
Where did we end up? The V-E-T! Mom said it was that time of year.
Our Ant Kat went so all 3 of us could go on the same day.

The bad news: Jesse really really needs her teeth cleaned. Soon. SHe's only gained 1 oz since our last viist. She got a shot (distemper)

Conner has to have his teeth cleaned, but not as badly as Jesse. He's gaind 1 1/2 pounds since last year!!! Dr. T was a little concerned so she said Mom has to start giving us a little less food and trying to get him to play more. He got a shot too (distemper)

Dazey gained about a pound since last year. Her teeth are good. She got a shot of distemper too.

The good news: Dazey is done for another year. Conner and Jesse will have to go back in the next couple months.

We'll post some pictures in the next couple days.

6 hi-fives:

The Furry Kids said...

Oh, the horror! I am so sorry to hear that there's teeths cleaning on the horizon. Ugh.

Eric and Flynn said...

Oh no!! Not the dreaded teefs cleaning. We hate it.

Tybalt said...


I'm glad you survived the experience, but upset that two of you have to go back again!

Daisy said...

Oh noes! I am sorry that Conner and Jesse must get their teeths cleaned. I hate teeths.

Lux said...

Dazey's very lucky with the teeth. I'm so tired of stuff being rubbed on my gums all the time.

William said...

I have a secret for keeping trim--get an energetic little brother! Both Caroline and I have lost some weight and toned right up with Russell around. (Kangaroo Girl doesn't get involved with any of those antics, so of course she still has the kangaroo.)