Friday, September 4, 2009

where did summer go?

Well mom says that this Monday is the "end of summer". We wonder "what summer?" We didn't get much hot this year but that's ok really!

Mom started school again. She is taking her last science class-microbiology. It's the same instructor she had for her anatomy class last spring so that's nice. She goes three days a week-Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She was sure surprised the first day when she found out she had class on Tuesdays cuz she thought it was Fridays!

We've been hanging out in the open windows, under mom's bed, in the bathtub, in mom's closet, in the basement in our basket...anywhere the Little Monkey (who's now 3) can't get to us. He thinks we are all his friends. Nope. Sorry.

Do you every nudge your bean to get loves then put the bitey on instead? That's what me and Conner have been doing to mom lately. We think it's fun...her not so much.

Lots of things to catch up on around the blogosphere. We read lots of blogs thru Google reader so we can at least try to see what is happening. Maybe one of these days our mom will get off that Facebook thing and help us visit and leave a comment!!

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend all!!


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Noir in Texas said...

Good luck to your Mom in school! And I hear ya about the Facebook thing--our human, who says she misses, Iowa sometimes--spends TOO much time there--when she needs to be loving US...bitey--for SURE! Enjoy your weekend!

Noir in Texas

Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is almost the end of summer already. What a lot of time has passed.

Daisy said...

We still have at least 2 more months of hot, sticky humid weather here!

Many times, petting leads to the Bitey at our house!

Derby said...

yeah, I get close to mum, get scritches, then put the bitey on her all the time. Then meow for more scritches.