Thursday, August 20, 2009


hi everyone,

we've been MIA again.
Mom's busy. She finished up her summer class (physiology with a B-!) and is gearing up to start fall semester next Wednesday. So she's been busy cleaning, playing with the Little Monkey, trying to squeeze in some summer fun...

as for us, we've just been hanging out in the basement basket or under mom's bed. The MIG is doing the 2 week army thing so he's been gone a lot and is currently in WI until tomorrow. Then next Monday he goes to St Louis. Whew, he's

We had lots of thunder booms and flashing lights last night. And lots of water pouring from the sky. It got really windy too. Mom had to shut all the windows.

I've never done this before. Mom was throwing clothes down the steps to throw down the clothes thingy that goes ALL the way to the basement. The little monkey likes to help so I thought I'd help too. Mom saw me and took this picture with her cell phone. I've never been in this space before. Mom told me she's glad I didn't fall , but if I had, at least there was a safe place to land at the bottom.

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Millie said...

Hi guys... Mr IBOL left a comment on my blog for you:

Millie, if your owners make boxes, feel free to sit in them a while, just to make sure they're done right. These things sometimes adult adult, er, um, I mean, feline supervision - you know, fabric & a box, which are both cat related things.

And Cyclone Cats, I am trying to put something together with a fabric store, for online ordering just like you mention. You;d be able to go to their site, plop down the plastic, and they're source the fabric and goodies (at or damn near cost), have volunteers and staff box it, and send it in the same flt rate boxes. Contact me if you just can't wait, but I'll post details and a link to the website just as soon as the deal is sealed!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You are so cute there. I am glad you didn't fall too but I bet it is a cool place to explore!

Daisy said...

Whoa! You are very brave!

Derby said...

No way mum would let me near that to sit in there. I think she is afraid I would get stuck.

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

We keep ya in our bloglines list. So when ya post, we see it... Post when ya can... It OK.