Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What a horrible, horrible time I have had!

Yesterday in the morning, mom cornered me andput me in the P T U. Then I cried all the way cuz the car only means one of 2 things: V E T or moving. I ended up at the V E T

Mom picked me up this afternoon. All I know is that I about fall over when I walk and my mouth hurts.

Mom told me the V E T had to pull...............................5 teeth!! No wonder my mouth hurts!

The good news: stinky goodness for the next 2-3 days!


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Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh no! I hated having teeth pulled. purrs.

William said...

Poor kid! I've never had to have teeth pulled so I can only imagine. But stinky goodness! for the next 14 days!

(Well, maybe it *should be 14 days!)

Random Felines said...

Poor baby! Enjoy the stinky goodness and we hope you are feeling better soon.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, Jesse, we hope you're feeling better and are still getting lots of good food. :)

Mark's Mews said...

O-M-C! FIVE teefs? Thats awful. We hope ya feelin better soon. Purrs of healing...

meemsnyc said...

Argh, we hate the vet!

BTW, we are holding a contest for a free bag of Innova Natural pet food. Today is the last day to enter.

Jewel said...

We know that being put in a carrier usually means the VET, but it is worth it and we hope you are feeling more comfy now.

Dani & Jaime said...

as this: