Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hi kitties!

We're still around! We made it through some serious hots earlier this summer. UGH.

A few things happening:

Our MIG is a former MIG now. he got out of the army in June on a medical discharge. He still has his job until the end of the year and then he'll become a FT student! His long term goal is podiatry school to be a foot doctor!

Mom starts her final semester of nursing school tomorrow! Come December, she'll be done with school, just in time to start working when the (former) MIG starts school.

The Little Monkey is 5. He started pre-kindergarten last week! Can you believe it? He liked it a lot.

Us-we're hanging out upstairs since that D O G Sophie lives downstairs. She doesn't come up here anymore because I put the smack down. She sees me and runs away! I Growl and hiss and I whapped her once on the nose. GRRRRRRRRR I knew I was a LION!

Purrs and prayers to all that need them...

Conner Cloud for alla us Cyclone Cats

3 hi-fives:

A few Good Cats said...

Glad to hear there's so much good news out your way. Way to go, Conner -- sometimes somebody just needs a good whapping, and you're the man cat to do it.

Nora said...

I love Cat!!!

Mark's Mews said...

Not the MIG annymore? Um, what should he be called now. We need to know! Names are VERY important.

Will he become "The Foot Guy"?