Saturday, January 6, 2007


Hi Everybodee,

The Mom that Lives Here been gone all day with the 2 legged kitten. She went away but brought back lots of stuff. And other 2 legged kittens and their Momma cat. They eated pizza (we don't like it) and watched a movie.

The oldest 2 legged kitten was trying to play but we were tired out frum sleepin all day. We stayed outta the way mostly.

The Mom that Lives Here has been over on Skeezix's Cat Help Blog. She lerned how to get our pikture on our comments that we leave for all you other bloggin cats! hooray!!! It taked her a while, (Probably cuz she's worn out from bringing back stuff) but she gotted it done! THANK YOU SKEEZIX FOR HELPING US!!

In other noos, the Man in Green called from Irak early this morning when we was all still trying to sleep.

3 hi-fives:

Dragonheart said...

Glad to hear you figured out how to put your picture in your profile. :) I hope the Man in Green is doing well.

Daisy said...

I don't like pizza either. Thanks for the Great Weekend wish!

Lux said...

You have a great weekend, too! I'm not sure if I like pizza, but now my mom says she wants some!