Thursday, February 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Edition #8

We just couldn't come up with any good topics for a TT this week! Sorry poodins! So, we decided to post 13 "snags" that the MTLH has on her computer. She is in an MSN group about animals and that's where most of these came from.

1. We likes this one cuz it's Patriotic. We has to be patriotic since we have our Man in Green and the Mom that Visits in the military.

2. This is what Cloudie will look like when the MTV finally gets him his goldfishie he was promised at Kittymas.

3. This is what we look like when we sneeks downstairs in the middle of the night to catch up on the blog.

4. This is what the Man in Green calls the MTLH.

5. We just think this is a funny picture!

6. This reminds us of all of yous: our best kitty cat blogging friends.

7. It's a computer. It's a kitty. What more to say?

8. This one looks like Dazey doing a happy dance. She gets funky like that sometimes!
9. Wanna build castles in the litter box like this kitty?

10. Us kitties have to be PROUD of our attitudes!
11. This reminds the MTLH of Jesse. The monitor is Jesee's favorite place to sleep.

12. We wish the MTLH could start a fire in our heaty box like this. But she says it needs a new flume or liner or something. Bummer. We could use it when it's -10*F Mom. Did you hear that? We're COLD mom!

13. This one is for our Man in Green too. We just want everyone to know how proud we are of him and what he is doing. And also for all the military keeping us safe!

6 hi-fives:

Daisy said...

A goldfish sounds like FUN!

ps: I am proud of yer Man in Green too!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Hahaha - we likes the Dazey dancin' kitty! And we gots to try making litter castles!

Tara said...

Neat list! Way to go! Tara

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

those are adorable!

Dragonheart said...

Those are all great! I like #13 too - I'm proud of your Man in Green and of my dad, and all the other military personnel who serve.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Hahahaha! Those are great kitty .gif's.