Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11

We took a couple weeks off of doing Thursday Thirteen. We're back this week! We thought we'd teach you all a little about Iowah! (there isn't really an "H" on the end, but lots of people pronounce it that way!)

  1. The three of us (and even the MTLH) have only lived in Iowah. Nowhere else!

  2. Iowah is known as "The Hawkeye State", although at our house, it's more of a Cyclone State (Iowah State Cyclones!)

  3. The official bird of Iowah is the goldfinch.

  4. The official state tree is the Oak.

  5. The state flower is the wild rose.

  6. The capital of Iowah is Des Moines. (It's sorta pronounced DUH MOIN).

  7. Iowah was the 29th US State. It became a state on 28 December. 1846.

  8. Iowah is the 30th most populous state in the USA.

  9. As of 2000, the population in our state was 2,926,324.

  10. The state motto is "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain".

  11. The abbreviation for Iowah is IA, not IW or IO like some people think.

  12. Major Industries - agriculture (corn, soybeans, hogs, pigs), food manufacturing, and insurance.

**Also, we are not known for growing potaotes. That is IDAHO. The MTLH used to get asked that a lot when she talked on the phone for her jobbie.

9 hi-fives:

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Very interesting! I like learning about new places and I think Iowah is very far from New Jersey.


Daisy said...

I never knew any of those things about Iowa before. Well, except I did know that IA is the abbreviation for it. Thanks for teaching us, I think I am getting smarter already!

Dragonheart said...

Thanks for teaching us about Iowa. Since my humans are Canadian and I'm German, I don't know a lot about the U.S. I enjoyed learning about Iowa!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Thanks fur da jee-og-rafy lesson. Mom likes jee-og-rafy and lerning more bout states in da United States.

katnippia said...

We thought that was very educational. It was very cool to learn about another state.

Hi Conner! I hopes youz and your family are doing well.
Purrs, and kitty nose kisserz..Snowy

Artsy Catsy said...

Dazey, Jesse & Conner, we just realized we didn't have you in our blogroll! We is stupid! So we fixed it.

The Artsy Catsy sillies

Derby said...

You did a good job. Mum has one fact for you.

Iowa is the place that has the highest TWO trestle railroad bridge.

This is just outside of Boone!

One of us said...

heehee potatoes heehee ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko kO

Forty Paws said...

That was quite educational. Thank you for the lesson!

Luf, Us