Wednesday, August 22, 2007

when it rains it pours

We bet you'll never guess what happened here today! Yup.................MORE RAIN! Our gramma got 4 1/2 inches overnight! Add that to the 12" they already had. It's just not good. In gramma's town, they had to evacuate a nursing home.

Luckily, we've had no more water in our basement.

We think we are going to build an ark. Victor and Bonnie, do you want to come?

"The National Weather Service says more precipitation is on the way, forecasting heavy rain through Friday for most of northern and central Iowa. The entire northern half of the state remains under flash flood watches.The Weather Service predicts general rainfall totals of from two to four inches in the next 24 hours, with some areas receiving as much as five to seven inches. That would come on top of rainfall totals that have reached ten to 12 inches in parts of northern Iowa.

In Humboldt, residents of a senior care center were evacuated without injury or incident. The town's mayor, Steve Samuels, said that the community has received 14 inches of rain since Friday and that "the ground is just saturated."article about the care center evacuation
(this is gramma's town)
Des Moines Register article

It is thunder booming and flashy lights right now.

Our mom just got off the phone with the Man in Green. Very soon, he'll be leaving Irak to go to Quwate Kuwait. Then he'll go to Texas. Then he will be home! All in about 3 weeks! HOORAY!

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Henry Helton said...

I am glad to hear that the man in green is coming home soon! One question, is it me, or does your blog look very different than it did the other day???

Lux said...

Something *does look different, I think ...

That is a LOT of rain! I hope it clears up and turns sunny soon, especially before your Man in Green comes home!

Cheysuli said...

Oh that's a lot of rain. You can come here to Seattle to avoid it. Wow--that's something you don't get to say every day...

Parker said...

Yup, yup yup - O Hi O is in bad shape too! Stay dry you guys!

Daisy said...

I am going to sing a special song for you. Here is how it goes:

"Rain, rain, go away!
Come again some other day."

I hope that works.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, it stopped fur awhile, but now it's startin again wif the booms an the bangs. Sum beans efun gotted elecktrocuted when lightning hit sum power lines that fell into the water! It was NOT cute.

I don't know how to build an ark, do you? Maybe I can "borrow" some wood frum Dad's model train layout in the basement. He's not usin it, rite?