Wednesday, February 13, 2008

weary wednesday

Alas, we have fallen behind again in our blogging and visiting.
The Little Monkey isn't sleeping very good at night so mom has been up a lot with him lately so she's pretty tired. To tired to help us blog and go visiting. And now, he is getting a cold so that means more late nights.
We don't think he realizes that him getting up disturbs OUR sleep!

The Little Monkey climbed up on OUR counter this morning. Yes it was nice he filled our food bowls, it was NOT COOL that he drank from our water bowl! Gross! Little Monkey spit!

Dazey and Conner are sad that they may not have any Valentine's to post for their Valentines tomorrow. If worse comes to worse, mom said she would help us post them from last year. We're all about recycling!

In the weather department: More snow yesterday. Our gramma has tried to come down to our house 3 weeks in a row and it snows every time! More snow tomorrow and really cold temps through the weekend. That means a lotta snuggling.

7 hi-fives:

Katnippia said...

Hi Conner!
Sorry your lil monkey is not feeling well and is getting a cold. If youz wants youz can come snuggles and play on the porchie with me tomorrow fur Valentine's Day, or maybe we can go on a beach picnic.
Purrs and snuggles ...Snowy

Katnippia said...
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Tybalt said...

Wow! What a rough week you are all having. I will purr that things get better.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Yeah, at least I get my valentines done. But you know if you just wish them happy Valentines day, I think that be fine, they will understand.

Parker said...

Ewwww! Little Monkey spit in your kitty water!!! HaHaHa! At least he was trying to help by filling your bowls!
Have a happy Valentine's Day you guys - I think recycling is a great idea!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh dear! Stay warm!

Daisy said...

Little Monkey spit! Hahahahaha!