Tuesday, September 14, 2010

plugging along

Does anyone still read this?! We know we are horrible about blogging anymore!
Mom is so busy!
She's in her 4th week of her 2nd term of the Practical nursing (PN) program. She's busy, busy, busy! 2 days/week she is up before the sun to go to the hospital to work. She's tired too!
Our little monkey doesn't like to go to bed and once he's there, he likes to get up a lot and get up extra early so that's no fun.

we still have open windows! Jesse and me spent most of the day outside yesterday catching and playing with grasshoppers! It was lots of fun! We brought a lot into the house too! They are fun...until the legs fall off. Mom lets us hang out in the backyard with the door open so when we are ready to come in, we can! We love it!

The MIG is busy too. He's at school 4 nights/week plus still working on whirly-birds and doing the army guard thing every month. We only see him when it's time to go to bed!

We hope you are all well! We visit when we can, but sadly no commenting.

3 hi-fives:

Ayla and Iza, said...

We read you efry time you post! Our Blogline tells us when you do.

But Bloglines is closin down Oct 1st, an we don't know how good other RSS readers are. We'll find out!

Grasshoppers are SO fun. This is the 1st year we seen anny. We like the way they jump when ya touch their behinds! Its a challenge ta follow them. They dont taste very good tho. So we just play capture wif them an let them go.

We are sorry yer Beins are so busy, but sometimes that happens. The Big Thing says ta remind ya that they are doin it ta get better jobs so they can provide better food and toys for ya.

Thats pretty cool of them ta do that just for you... So snuggle closer and be patient.

William said...

I think everybody is busy these days, but it sounds like your mom is extra extra busy! Hang in there!

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Yep,indeedy we still read. Our human, Tommy is from Perry, Iowa--so she likes to visit cats close to where she grew up. Tommy goes to school too and understands you being so busy and she also says Go Hawks! :)