Thursday, January 4, 2007

Dazey's Thursday Thirteen.

Hi furybudy, this be my Thursday Thirteen...

All you wanted to know about Dazey May

  • I will be 6 years old in 13 March 2007.
  • I miss my Man in Green very much.
  • My favorite color is ORANGE (Just like the Mom that Lives Here!)
  • My momma kitty was a calico like me and my daddy kitty was a long haired gray kitty cat.
  • I like to play with mousies on a string.
  • Sometimes I wash my feets in the water dish.
  • My collar is ORANGE!
  • My whiskers arnt long 'cuz I "Stick my nose where it doesn't belong" (That's what the MOm that Lives here sayz)
  • My mom named me before she taked me home. There were 5 kitties in our and jesse and 3 black brother kitties.
  • I likes to sleep on the baffrom rug.
  • I like to sit in open windows and go outside!

2 hi-fives:

Daisy said...

I loves your calico coloring!

Dragonheart said...

Nice to learn more about you Dazey! I hope your Man in Green comes home soon.