Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

Our Ant Kat says we should tell you about our 2-legged kitten or baby bean. So, here are 13 facts about the 2-legged kitten that lives with us (and steals all our attention now!)

  • He's a boy. He has his hoo-has.

  • The Mom that Lives Here calls him Ike, Monkey, Boo Boo, Squeak, or Bubby.

  • He sometimes pulls Conner's tail.

  • He makes a mess with his foods. He doesn't have to eat it out of a bowl on the floor like us.

  • He likes baths, unlike us.

  • He is younger than all of us but weighs more than all of us. (at his last V-E-T 'pointment he was 21 lbs! That is more than any of us (Don't tell but dazey is over 15 pounds!)

  • He plays the Whirlybird with us sometimes!

  • He doesn't have his own litterbox. The Mom that Lives Here puts him up on a table like thing and takes something off him the whole time saying "PU. Hold still. Don't roll over". We have no idea what that is all about.

  • He has his own bedroom. He doesn't get to sleep with the Mom that Lives Here like we do.

  • He has some of the same outfits that the Man in Green does.

  • He HAS A STROLLER! We are very jealous. We thought it was for us, but the Mom that Lives Here takes the 2-legged kitten out on walks, like Skeezix or Daisy get to go on.

  • There are these gate things in the kitchen doors now that we have to jump over. It's not cool at all.

  • He is learning to move really fast. We have to spend all day up in the Mom that Lives Here's bed to stay away from him.

11 hi-fives:

Parker said...

Those two-legged ones are strange! But they are cute!

Daisy said...

BabyBeans are very interesting. I might need to study them more, because there are none in my house.

It is very cute how the BabyBean plays with the whirlybird! And, WOW! His own bedroom AND stroller! What a lucky BabyBean! It is very strange that he does not know how to use the litterbox though. Maybe you need to show him.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Cute whirlybird photo, baby beans can be scary sometimes, just wait until they are old enough to give you food from their plate..yummy.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Hmm, very interesting! We don't have any small beans in our house. I think you are all very good kitties because I don't know if I could share attention with a little bean.


(Really, still has his hoo-has?)

Caesar and Princess said...

I do not like the pulling the tail part. that is scary. I think it is a good thing to stay away.

The Crew said...

Geez, another stroller! I really need to talk to Dad about getting ME one!

We have those gate things too, when the dogs visit. But it's OK 'cause we can jump over them and they can't!!


Dragonheart said...

Thanks for sharing those facts about your two-legged kitten. It is cool that he plays Whirlybird with you sometimes! Too bad he has a stroller and you don't. I have a stroller and I love it. :)

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Two of da bean kitttens dat come here haf der hoo-has. Mostly dey is furry nice to us and don't pull tails. We like to lick dem after dey eat cuz dey gots food on dem!

Hot(M)BC said...

Your bean kitten is cute playin wif the whirlybird! Fanks for sharin bout him. Now we gotta get your Mom bean to get yoo a stroller too.

China Cat said...

Conner, I like the 2-legged kitten playing with the whirly-bird toy but I wouldn't like to get my tail pulled. Actually, I would hate that. I run and hide when any 2-legged kittens come over to visit my Lap Lady. I am tagging you today for a fun meme - the rules are over at my blog.

Kimo & Sabi said...

He gots a stroller before you! This is an outrage!