Friday, June 15, 2007


Hi's Conner.
The Mom that Lives Here stopped at the V-E-T to get my medesin for tooths. I start taking pills on Sunday (2 a day!). She tolded me she got some treats to put them in (they are called pill pockets). I hopes they taste good.
I'm very nervous about this dental thing. For one, I don't like to ride in the moving masheen. For two, I don't likes to go away from home. For three, I likes to be able to eats whenever I want and Tuesday when I go to the V-E-T, they won't give me no foods overnight. They are gonna clean my tooths on Wednesday but I is spending the night at the V-E-T on Tuesday.
I will tell Dazey to keep you posted bout me! I'm going to try to be brave like a lion..........

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The Meezers said...

conner, i doesn't blame you for not wanting v-e-t-s poking at your teefs. and pills- yuk. we is sending you lots of purrrrrsssss.

Katnippia said...

Oh, my sweet Conner! I will be purring furz youz. If youz wants I will sneak over to the vets with youz and snuggles with youz until they get in the next morning.
Purss and kitty nose Kisserz..Snowy

Kimo & Sabi said...

Good luck at da V-E-T!

PS - Fanks fer signing our stroller petition!

Daisy said...

Oh Conner, I am sorry you have to have your teeths cleaned. I hate teeths. I will be purring for you. I know you will be very brave like a lion!

Forty Paws said...

Oh bless your little heart. Dorf feels for you. He knows WAY TOO WELL what it's like to have his toofies worked on.

We'll send pawsitive thoughts to you.

Luf, Us

Emma's Kat said...

Be brave Conner! Everything will be just fine. We will be purraying for ya! I don't care for the tooth doctor either, but I'm glad I have one! I don't like tooth pain either! ;)