Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #34

We posted this Thursday Thirteen back in June. We thought we would update you on the progress that was made or stuff that was done.

1. The MIG has his annual 2 week training period. This is starting on Saturday. So, he'll be gone more than usual. After this, then he was activated for 3 days for flood duty!
2. The Mom starts a class at the college on the 9th of June. She passed this class with a 97%
3. The Little Monkey will have a birfday (2) Lots of people here.
4. The Mom will have a birfday 2 weeks after the Little Monkey (she'll be like 29 squillion) Uneventful. Just the wedding and lots of rain that night.
5. Our gramma is leaving for Florida. So she won't be around for a while. She didn't bring us back nothin'!
6. The Mom says they are going to put a new roof on the house sometime this summer. That means a lot of noises. Bah. Finished. We are glad. It was very noisy here.
7. Construction in the downstairs bathroom is ongoing (hopefully be finished so we can go back in that room and the room next to it.) This is still ongoing. Well, it hasn't even been touched in a long time.
8. The Mom is growing stuff in pots. We asked about 'nip....she keeps forgetting to get some. She gotted one green pepper cutted up so far. One died. And the plants have more on them yet! NO NIP!
9. The Mom and the Little Monkey are both in a wedding (on The Mom's birfday!) The Little Monkey got sick and wasn't able to be in the wedding. The Mom still went and the MIG stayed with the Little Monkey.
10. The Mom's friend that has been living/teaching in Kuwait for the last year will be home for a visit. She likes cats. We like her. This is good! She stayed here for a whole day and night and almost another day. She was great at pets!
11. In reference to number 2, the Little Monkey will have a babysitter during the time The Mom is at class. We normally just stay upstairs when other people are here. (Well, not normally Dazey-she's friendly) The babysitter comes back 2x/week now cuz The Mom has her anatomy class before the MIG gets home from work.
12. We'll be keeping an eye on the gray/white kitty that keeps wandering through our yard. We need to post about him/her soon! He/she was here last week.
13. OPEN WINDOWS!!!! They are still open and we're loving it!

5 hi-fives:

The Crew said...

Jesse, my face twin...may I say how lovely you're looking today. Is that a new curtain you're wearing?


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

hi! it sounds like you have all been very busy!

i can NOT believe you have no nip in pots. she'll get it before winter right? nothing like a nice nip plant in November.

it has been surprisingly nice here in southwest Ohio. we have opened our windows too! lovin it!

Lux said...

I can see how you love the open windows! Sounds like a lot of busy-ness!!!

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

What a pretty red pepper. We hafnt gots any like that yet.

Katnippia said...

Hi Conner, It sounds likes youz all haves been very busy during the summer. I hopes youz are all doing well. Maybe we'z can go plays in a field and haves a pic-a-nic before the end of the summer. Purrs and kitty kisserz..Snowy